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Market Street Class Update

Gail Blair Teaching Healthy Meals

Gail and Taylor Cooking It Up

Down Home "Roots" Presenetd by Gail Blair of Catering Fresh

Well – It looks like Catering Fresh was a big hit at Market Street yesterday! Our vegan cooking classes focus on real, healthy food made real delicious – Food that everyone, vegan or non-vegan will love. Comments we’re very positive – like this one from 1 of the many non-vegans in the group….”The food was to die for” – Martina Chamberlain

Catering Fresh looks forward to doing more teaching classes in the future and if anyone needs some personal advice or lessons they are always available to help!!

The point is, our taste buds don’t care if it’s animal of plant – They only care if it taste great! POINT MADE!

Stayed tuned for more upcoming cooking classes and our new “Recipe Box” link.


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Alley’s Cooking Class Competition!!!!!

Alley's House Cookin' it Up!!

Alley’s House and Catering Fresh announces “MommaChef” (our version of Masterchef).  The contestants (Alley’s mothers) will be competing for a chance to learn from the best.   The Grand Prize will be a cooking class taught by a world-wide renown chef (to be announced).  All entries must be made from scratch and will be judged for presentation and nutrition by a panel of their peers and mentors.  Go Girls!  All recipes must be submitted by Friday August 1st. to be judged on Monday August 4th, 12:00 non at Grace United Methodist Church.  Thanks Reverend Reedy for stopping by today and for allowing us in your amazing kitchen!  I can’t believe how far we have come – you girls are amazing and make us smile!

P.S.  Hey Kaylee – this is Gail talking.   Good job on the whole grain, fat-free, sugar-free cornbread today.   Better than mine!!!!! Love Ya’ll!!

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Market Street Cooking Class

We will be at Market Street in Mckinney on September 10th!! Come join our cooking class! This class is great for any range of cooking skills. The class menu will be gluten, diabetic, and vegan friendly. Carnivore approved!!

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