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Dinner for Two! “MommaChef’s” meet Chef Matthew Melton!

"MommaChef Winners"
Meet Chef Matthew Melton!

The Story and the Update:

“MommaChefs” is a competition that was held between the Alley’s House students of Dallas. Catering Fresh’s Gail Blair and Taylor Holland have been teaching hands on cooking classes for the students with an emphasis on eating healthy, yummy, and on a budget. As they like to call it “Budget Healthy”. These young moms and soon to be mothers have willingly joined Alley’s House to better improve their future and on their own free will they have also been participating in the once a month cooking class with Catering Fresh to learn more about cooking better for themselves and their children without breaking the bank.
The girls come to the class ready to learn. The class allows them to cook hands on, learn neat tips, take home new recipes, and fill their heads with food knowledge. Oh, and lets not forget, EAT!!! After many classes Gail decided that it was time for a cookoff! The goal was to see who could cook the best dish with the healthiest ingredients. Let us just say that the judging was way too hard!! All of the dishes featured many of the lessons taught with eye appealing style. They all won!
The winners had won a free cooking class from some of the country’s top Chefs! Market Street in Mckinney,Tx and Stephanie Gandy from the Dallas Agape Clinic gladly donated these courses so that the students/winners from Alley’s House could further their knowledge and stay inspired! A great big hats off!!
These photos are of Charmaine and Valerie’s trip to the culinary kitchen of Market Street in Mckinney,TX. They attending the class of Executive Chef Matthew Melton, Lawry’s The Prime Rib. This was an amazing course for the girls to attend. Chef Matthew Melton made the class fun, funny, inspiring, interesting, captivating, and delicious. He took the time out to address the girls during the class making them feel 100% involved. He also stayed after to talk with them, take photos, and sign a copy of his class menu. Many thanks to him for making this day memorable for them and the rest of the attending class and volunteer staff.

Chef Matthew Melton signs copies of his class menu for the girls of Alley's House

“Our “MommaChef” winners, Valerie and Charmaine had a blast with Matthew Melton from Lawry’s tonight at Market Street in Mckinney. They had front row seats to see the master chef in action. Matt is a very funny guy and had the whole room in stitches. THANKS MATT! for showing the girls such a good time. They can’t wait to come back!” -Gail Blair-

Front Row Seats!!

“This was amazing! I was so impressed with Chef Matthew Melton’s fun and kind personality. He had a wonderful way of making everyone feel like he was just one of your friends. This was a wonderful class for the girls to attend” -Taylor Holland-



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