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Catering Fresh Wins 2nd Place for Their Bootleg Cider Chili!

Taylor Holland and Gail Blair (center) of Catering Fresh along with team members Tina (left) and Colleen (right)

Chili Cook Off Award

Bootleg Cider Chili

Catering Fresh Serves up Their Winning Bootleg Cider Chili at the Allen Rotary Club’s Annual Chili Cook Off!!

Saturday, October 8th, 2011 Catering Fresh entered and took home prizes from the Allen Rotary Club’s Annual Chili Cook Off located at the Village of Allen and Fairview. This was a great day for all contestants and the public. The booths were decorated with fun themes, all different flavors of chili, and fun camaraderie from everyone around.

Catering Fresh Started at six in the morning loading their truck down with all sorts of antique decor and packing all of their ingredients to prepare five gallons of Bootleg Cider Chili. This was their first year to enter and it most definitely won’t be their last…so watch out next year competition because they’re going for 1st next time!! Twenty plus contestants set up their booths that morning with smiles on their faces for all of the exciting awards to be announced later including hottest chili and best decorated booth. everyone worked hard and had a wonderful time meeting one another on such a gorgeous October day. Thanks to all of Catering Fresh’s team members they walked away with two awards!! Catering Fresh was awarded second place overall chili and best decorated booth! They are very much looking forward to entering next years competition and looking to see what else they can get into.

First Place: Joey Allette
Second Place: Catering Fresh
Third Place: Davidson Auto Care

Congratulations to all of this years winners!! See you all next year!!!

Taylor of Catering Fresh Serving Up the Winning Bootleg Cider Chili

The Guys Having a Good Ol' Time at The Chili Cook Off

Happy Taylor of Catering Fresh

Tina, Catering Fresh Team Member for Chili Cook Off


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A Place to Give to Today Until 7pm!!!

Alley's House Girls Cooking It Up With Catering Fresh

The Alley’s House Girls “Cookin’ it up!

Hi There – This is Gail from Catering Fresh. September 15th is “Get Up and Give” day in North Texas (see below). I’ve been involved with Alley’s House for several years now on my own and through our once monthly “Budget Healthy” cooking classes. This is a great cause – breaking the cycle of poverty, teen pregnancy and it’s my hope to end the cycle of obesity and disease through good nutrition.

If you are in the market for a good local charity – Please consider Alley’s House on September 15th

Support alley’s house during DonorBridge’s Get Up and Give! North Texas Giving Day!


Thursday September 15, 2011 from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM CDT
Add to my calendar

On September 15, 2011, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. alley’s house is taking part in Get Up and Give! North Texas Giving Day. Please mark your calendar to help alley’s house take advantage of this great opportunity.

On September 15, every donation $25 and above will be matched if you donate to us through, North Texas’ online resource that connects donors with nonprofit organizations like us.

Your money will go to help alley’s house purchase diapers, formula, baby food, bus passes, parenting education, GED preparation materials, and more. Through your participation, alley’s house will share $700,000 in matching funds. Any gift of $25 or more given through our DonorBridge Profile page on September 15 day is eligble.

Please visit the site anytime between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., search for alley’s house and click “Donate Now.”

Just remember to get up and give–whether out of bed, from your desk, or off your couch, just give!

Get more information

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance for all you do for alley’s house.


Allison Whitehead, LBSW
alley’s house Executive Director
(214) 824-8700 (214) 824-8700

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Market Street Class Update

Gail Blair Teaching Healthy Meals

Gail and Taylor Cooking It Up

Down Home "Roots" Presenetd by Gail Blair of Catering Fresh

Well – It looks like Catering Fresh was a big hit at Market Street yesterday! Our vegan cooking classes focus on real, healthy food made real delicious – Food that everyone, vegan or non-vegan will love. Comments we’re very positive – like this one from 1 of the many non-vegans in the group….”The food was to die for” – Martina Chamberlain

Catering Fresh looks forward to doing more teaching classes in the future and if anyone needs some personal advice or lessons they are always available to help!!

The point is, our taste buds don’t care if it’s animal of plant – They only care if it taste great! POINT MADE!

Stayed tuned for more upcoming cooking classes and our new “Recipe Box” link.

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Dinner for Two! “MommaChef’s” meet Chef Matthew Melton!

"MommaChef Winners"
Meet Chef Matthew Melton!

The Story and the Update:

“MommaChefs” is a competition that was held between the Alley’s House students of Dallas. Catering Fresh’s Gail Blair and Taylor Holland have been teaching hands on cooking classes for the students with an emphasis on eating healthy, yummy, and on a budget. As they like to call it “Budget Healthy”. These young moms and soon to be mothers have willingly joined Alley’s House to better improve their future and on their own free will they have also been participating in the once a month cooking class with Catering Fresh to learn more about cooking better for themselves and their children without breaking the bank.
The girls come to the class ready to learn. The class allows them to cook hands on, learn neat tips, take home new recipes, and fill their heads with food knowledge. Oh, and lets not forget, EAT!!! After many classes Gail decided that it was time for a cookoff! The goal was to see who could cook the best dish with the healthiest ingredients. Let us just say that the judging was way too hard!! All of the dishes featured many of the lessons taught with eye appealing style. They all won!
The winners had won a free cooking class from some of the country’s top Chefs! Market Street in Mckinney,Tx and Stephanie Gandy from the Dallas Agape Clinic gladly donated these courses so that the students/winners from Alley’s House could further their knowledge and stay inspired! A great big hats off!!
These photos are of Charmaine and Valerie’s trip to the culinary kitchen of Market Street in Mckinney,TX. They attending the class of Executive Chef Matthew Melton, Lawry’s The Prime Rib. This was an amazing course for the girls to attend. Chef Matthew Melton made the class fun, funny, inspiring, interesting, captivating, and delicious. He took the time out to address the girls during the class making them feel 100% involved. He also stayed after to talk with them, take photos, and sign a copy of his class menu. Many thanks to him for making this day memorable for them and the rest of the attending class and volunteer staff.

Chef Matthew Melton signs copies of his class menu for the girls of Alley's House

“Our “MommaChef” winners, Valerie and Charmaine had a blast with Matthew Melton from Lawry’s tonight at Market Street in Mckinney. They had front row seats to see the master chef in action. Matt is a very funny guy and had the whole room in stitches. THANKS MATT! for showing the girls such a good time. They can’t wait to come back!” -Gail Blair-

Front Row Seats!!

“This was amazing! I was so impressed with Chef Matthew Melton’s fun and kind personality. He had a wonderful way of making everyone feel like he was just one of your friends. This was a wonderful class for the girls to attend” -Taylor Holland-


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Cooking Class Schedule with Us and Market Street

Market Street Cooking Class Calender

Join Catering Fresh in a culinary adventure. Instructor Gail Blair and her sidekick Taylor Holland will be there September 10th to take your taste buds around the world. Register to join us!!!!

Come cook it up with us! Get your seats while they last and as always… if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!! 😉

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“Mommachef” Update

Catering Fresh Presents…

A grand prize winner has been chosen and she is “Emerald”. Emerald will be attending “The Royal Chef” (Darren McGrady) cooking class on 8/10. But get this – Stephanie Bohan Gandy of the Agape Clinic (one of our judges) felt the food was so good and such a hard choice she has generously donated 2 more tickets. 2nd and 3rd place contestants will also be attending Chef Matthew Melton’s (from Lawry’s) Cooking Class at Market Street in Mckinney 8/9. Thanks so much Stephanie! YOU GO GIRLS! The contestants and dishes were:

Emerald – A delicious and healthy whole wheat penne pasta with fresh broccoli, cherry tomatoes, turkey sausage and topped off with fresh basil and romano cheese – yum!

Pasta Dish!

Valerie – Baked Chicken Alfredo with lean chicken breast and low-fat dairy ingredients – perfect!

Creamy Chicken Bake

Charmaine – Sweet Potato Pie (diabetic friendly) way to go!

Sweet Potato Pie


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Alley’s Cooking Class Competition!!!!!

Alley's House Cookin' it Up!!

Alley’s House and Catering Fresh announces “MommaChef” (our version of Masterchef).  The contestants (Alley’s mothers) will be competing for a chance to learn from the best.   The Grand Prize will be a cooking class taught by a world-wide renown chef (to be announced).  All entries must be made from scratch and will be judged for presentation and nutrition by a panel of their peers and mentors.  Go Girls!  All recipes must be submitted by Friday August 1st. to be judged on Monday August 4th, 12:00 non at Grace United Methodist Church.  Thanks Reverend Reedy for stopping by today and for allowing us in your amazing kitchen!  I can’t believe how far we have come – you girls are amazing and make us smile!

P.S.  Hey Kaylee – this is Gail talking.   Good job on the whole grain, fat-free, sugar-free cornbread today.   Better than mine!!!!! Love Ya’ll!!

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