Alley’s Cooking Class Competition!!!!!

Alley's House Cookin' it Up!!

Alley’s House and Catering Fresh announces “MommaChef” (our version of Masterchef).  The contestants (Alley’s mothers) will be competing for a chance to learn from the best.   The Grand Prize will be a cooking class taught by a world-wide renown chef (to be announced).  All entries must be made from scratch and will be judged for presentation and nutrition by a panel of their peers and mentors.  Go Girls!  All recipes must be submitted by Friday August 1st. to be judged on Monday August 4th, 12:00 non at Grace United Methodist Church.  Thanks Reverend Reedy for stopping by today and for allowing us in your amazing kitchen!  I can’t believe how far we have come – you girls are amazing and make us smile!

P.S.  Hey Kaylee – this is Gail talking.   Good job on the whole grain, fat-free, sugar-free cornbread today.   Better than mine!!!!! Love Ya’ll!!


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    Patience said,

    Can’t wait! Hope to see ya’ll there for my cooking class – Market Street in Mckinney, Tx September 10th, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
    “DOWN HOME ROOTS”. Call 972-548-5167 to reserve your spot. Only 23 sit available – so hurry!

    • 2

      Patience said,

      Catering Fresh at Market Street September 10th, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm – Call (972)548-5167 to sign up for a vegan adventure “Down Home Roots”. You gotta try my Coconut Sweet Potato Pie!

  2. 3

    Patience said,

    Our “MommaChef” winners, Valerie and Charmaine had a blast with Matthew Melton from Lawry’s tonight at Market Street in Mckinney. The had front row seats to see the master chef in action. Matt is a very funny guy and had the whole room in stitches. THANKS MATT! for showing the girls such a good time. They can’t wait to come back and are looking forward to volunteering to earn free seats! Pictures to come..

  3. 4

    Patience said,

    Well – It looks like Catering Fresh was a big hit at Market Street yesterday! Our vegan cooking classes focus on real, healthy food made real delicious – Food that everyone, vegan or non-vegan will love. Comments we’re very positive – like this one from 1 of the 6 non-vegans in the group….”The food was to die for” – Martina Chamberlain

    The point is, our taste buds don’t care if it’s animal of plant – They only care if it taste great! POINT MADE!

    Stayed tuned for more upcoming cooking classes and our new “Recipe Box” link.

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